Aciu! Institute Clients – Clients can decide to be public or stay confidential. Some of our public clients have included:

World Health Organization


QualityRights materials by WHO for training, guidance and transformation, published November 2019. World Health Organization (WHO), based in Geneva, Switzerland, has a primary role to direct international health within the United Nations’ system and to lead partners in global health responses. As part of the QualityRights Initiative, WHO has developed a comprehensive package of training and guidance materials, to build the capacity for empowerment, human rights and recovery in mental health.


Key international experts included David W. Oaks, Aciu! Institute, who provided editing and feedback from the perspective of a psychiatric survivor leader.

MindFreedom International

Aciu! Institute is so grateful to have been able to provide consulting services to this important human rights nonprofit in recent years, including: 


  • Mentoring.
    Writing and editing on a chapter of handbook, Organizing Guide for Psychiatric Survivors: “Effective Community Organizing Tactics for Psychiatric Survivors & Allies.” You may download this pocket handbook for free here: MFI Pocket Organizing Handbook

Current MFI Consulting 

Affiliates: For 2020, Aciu! Institute is proud to be supporting and facilitating the growth of MindFreedom affiliates and sponsors:

Photo taken at MindFreedom Ghana’s headquarters in 2011[/caption]


More about the MFI Affiliates program.

 Lane County Climate Equity & Resilience Task Force

Making sure climate actions are equitable and promote resilience Lane County, OR, May 4th – The Lane Climate Equity and Resilience Task Force has launched a countywide survey that aims to identify climate priorities and concerns in Lane county communities, with a focus on reaching Low-income and working communities; Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; Immigrant Communities; Native American Community members; Mental Health and Disability Representatives; LGBTQ Communities; and Rural Communities.

The Lane Climate Resilience and Equity Task Force is composed of community representatives and stakeholders who live and work with diverse and underrepresented communities in Lane County. They are working to ensure that the climate actions developed by County staff and approved by its Board are equitable.


Unitarian Universalism



Aciu! is non-denominational, but David is pleased to assist the Unitarian Universalist Church in several ways, both officially and unofficially. Aciu! is supporting the re-emergence of the Access Committee at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene. Aciu! is also sponsoring the independent UU Mental Health Justice Group in Facebook. All who support human rights are invited to join.

UUMHJ is now giving suggestions for improvement to UU Mental Health Network, a nonprofit within the Unitarian Universalist Association. 

David is co-chair of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene Accessibility Task Force.


Other Aciu! Institute Clients

CareWorks: Aciu! is supporting the community organizing of the CareWorks chapter in Eugene, which brings together people with disabilities, family members, and homecare workers. CareWorks is a state-wide project of the union SEIU to change the way we Oregonians think about care.  

Opal Network: Aciu! is the newest sponsor of this decade-old coalition of groups concerned about the empowerment and self-determination of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors in Lane County, Oregon. The Network is named after the late author, speaker and psychiatric survivor Opal Whiteley, who was born in Cottage Grove. Aciu! is providing community organizing strategy and logistics. 

MindFreedom Oregon: This local affiliate of MFI is taking on several important grassroots campaigns, with the support of Aciu! MindFreedom Oregon sponsors a group “Oregonians with Lived Experience of the Mental Health System,” which is monitoring legislation in the Oregon legislature. MF-Oregon has launched a new Affiliate, MindFreedom Portland. MF-Oregon hopes other areas of Oregon may form new Affiliates or join as Sponsor organizations.

See (below) the photo of David leading a contingent in a Eugene parade with the “Normal Free” banner from Oregon Country Fair’s Community Village.


David W. Oaks in powerchair leads a contingent for MindFreedom Oregon and KindTree in a Eugene, Oregon 2019 parade, holding the “Normal Free Zone” from the Oregon Country Fair’s Community Village.


Extinction Rebellion Justice Eugene: Fighting the climate emergency is a top priority for Aciu!, as it ought to be for every earthling now. David is active with the Extinction Rebellion (XR) local chapter in Eugene, Oregon, USA, especially focusing on the Regenerative Culture theme in XR. 


See a brief, four-minute video of an XR speaker in London who weaves together the strands of fighting to save the climate and challenging normality:

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