Aciu! Institute, LLC collects personal information from and on behalf of its clients (e.g. about their employees and customers) to provide advisory services to those clients. It also processes client personal information to manage its relationship with those clients. Further, Aciu! Institute, LLC also collects some personal information from visitors to this website, survey participants, and attendees at Aciu! Institute, LLC events.

Aciu! Institute, LLC uses personal information to deliver its Services to clients. For its own purposes, it also uses personal information to analyze and improve how it delivers those services, to contact representatives of its clients or prospective clients and to market to them, and to administer recruitment and events. Aciu! Institute, LLC is committed to maintaining your confidentiality and privacy in all ethical and legal situations. We will always ask for your explicit permission before using any information publicly.

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David W. Oaks, Revolutionary Consultant & Founder
Aciu! Institute, LLC
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