Welcome to Aciu! Institute:

A Confluence of Movements for Sustainability and Disability

Aciu! Institute, LLC is a consulting business that supports the independence and empowerment of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals concerned about disability, mental health, and environmental sustainability.

Our specialty is green disability revolutionary consulting, with a focus on community organizing of people with physical and/or mental disabilities.

Blog about launching Aciu! Institute:
Let’s Be “Raving Lunatics” for Earth!

As we prepare for future challenges, now more than ever, both nonprofits and businesses need self-funding skills, community connections, and full accessibility for physical and mental disabilities, along with a commitment to environmental sustainability. We can learn important lessons from those who have already experienced extreme disability.

We honor each person’s humanity and seek to better the human condition. In all our actions, we uphold the rights of all beings to life, on our biosphere. We support a transformation in how humanity interacts with Planet Earth!

Ask yourself these questions….

  • Does my nonprofit or business truly welcome, include and hear people with disabilities as customers, members and/or employees?
  • How can we do “disaster preparation” that includes the perspective & voice of people with disabilities?
  • If our group feels paralyzed by climate crisis & the pandemic: Who are we gonna call?
  • What is the best way to support the empowerment and independence of marginalized & dis-empowered communities, such as people with disabilities and psychiatric survivors?
  • Do people find my business accessible?
  • How can my rehab be “green?”

A Story of Transformation

Aciu! Institute founder and main revolutionary consultant, David W. Oaks, brings more than four decades of leadership in the independent disability movement. David draws on a global activist community of people with disabilities and psychiatric survivors.

He founded one of the main coalitions for human rights in mental health, MindFreedom International, which he directed for 25 years.

A serious 2012 accident made David a quadrapeligic (tetraplegic) in a powerchair with additional disabilities to his voice and hands.

After years of rehab and preparation, David has revolutionized these seemingly insurmountable challenges into opportunities.

I have re-established my credentials!” said David who in 2020 is launching this green disability revolutionary consulting business. “I’m back! The next few years will decide the fate of humanity. We need the strength of the disability movement as never before.”

You are welcome to be part of this journey.

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David W. Oaks, Revolutionary Consultant & Founder
Aciu! Institute, LLC
email: revolution@aciu.info
phone (Pacific Standard Time): 541-914-1469