Unitarian Universalism, Disability & Mind Justice

This page lists resources for those interested in the intersection of UU and disability liberation. This is an independent project by Aciu! Institute, and in no way speaks for any other organization.

Rev. Phillip Schulman

Rev. Phillip Schulman wearing a gray suit, red shirt and tie.

Rev. Phillip Schulman,  minister of Unitarian Universalist Church of the Hill Country, Kerrville, Texas

Sometimes called “The Mad Movement Minister,” Phillip has spoken out and taken peaceful action for many liberation goals.

Click here for his sermon about “Positively Crazy” ways to heal our world.

Click here for his sermon about the link between UU and Mental Health Rights in 2021.

Rev. Jen Sermon on disability justice, August 15, 2021

Visible Invisible, Sermon by Rev. Jen Youngsun Ryu, Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene