While of course there are no “normal” clients, here are some of the services we offer:


“Typical” Clients

Nonprofits, businesses and individuals who are especially concerned about the inclusion of people with disabilities as customers, members and/or employees.

Groups and individuals who recognize the importance of empowerment, independence, and access for marginalized and dis-empowered communities.

Anyone working on behalf of people with disabilities, especially advocating for those who have experienced human rights challenges in the mental health system.

All who are aware that we need to do special “disaster preparation” that includes the voice and perspective of people with disabilities.

Everyone who realizes that this unique moment, including the climate emergency, requires revolutionary change beyond the “normal” stage.



We will always design our services uniquely for each client, and these include:

  • Deep listening to staff, leaders and customers, including using professional, online survey feedback; web video interviews; research with our expensive network; and much more.
  • Public speaking, keynoting, webinars, mentoring, training, workshops, editing, writing, podcasts, video, social media development, strategizing, community organizing.
  • Close and helpful guidance about your crowd-sourcing and fundraising campaigns.

Aciu! Institute has both paying and gratis clients. This may vary, based on our capacity. We can discuss that when we discuss your needs.


A key to building empowered communities is feedback. For some clients this will mean having a private, group web video meeting with a PowerPoint. For others, it may be a direct web video call or policy paper.

We will design our consulting plan with your unique circumstances in mind. While there is no guarantee of results, we will be clear from the start about our deliverable goals. We will also track our progress towards meeting your goals.

A community organizing approach will leave your community stronger and more independent after our consulting has concluded.

We even have a nifty acronym for one of our tactics:

Campaign Action Team Support or CATS. We know the value of encouraging and providing a space for peer-to-peer support for systems change.

How to Ask Questions or Make Comments to Aciu!

Please see our Contact page.

No question is too small or too large, through our online form, social media (including private direct message), phone or text. Or just email us at


What we DO NOT do:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Legal/medical advice
  • Direct, commission fundraising (we will advise & support your team)
  • Illegal, violent activities

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