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Projects & Calendar for 2020


Below are a few additional campaigns and events Aciu! is working on in 2020, with links and events:

Some additional 2020 projects include:

  • When human rights in the mental health system are threatened, it is often helpful to notify other people. For years, MindFreedom International has had a Shield Campaign, with the idea of one for all and all for one. Aciu! Institute is supporting efforts by MindFreedom to retool and expand the Shield.
  • Supporting people who choose to leave their involuntary outpatient commitment location, as long as they are not under a forensic court order.
  • Completing a MindFreedom International Prisoner Project, involving a survey and resource list.
  • Supporting several efforts by Unitarian Universalists, including at my church in Eugene which is reviving the Access Committee. Aciu! will also continue supporting a Facebook group, UU Mental Health Justice. If you are a UU, we would especially love to hear from you wherever you might live.  
  • Supporting local efforts for the human rights of unhoused people with disabilities. 
  • Aciu! is assisting the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (NCMHR) in a survey about solitary confinement (seclusion) and restraints. 
  • Encouraging folks to once more give to my medical trust fund. Over the years this has been crucial for the recovery of David Oaks. Now this is a way to support his independent living during the launch of this consulting business. While your one-time gift is appreciated, giving every month automatically really supports this budget. Please note that this is not about basic human needs, which are covered. This is about supporting David’s independence and empowerment during this crucial phase: gifts to David Oaks’ trust fund.

If you would like to continue the discussion about green disability, we would love to hear your thoughts. There are many ways to post your reflections, here are two more: 

Currently, Aciu! Institute is working on a social media site to encourage green disability revolution. Please contact Aciu! if you are interested.

One initial step you can take to connect, is to make sure you have access to a private email address with good security. Yes, Aciu! does have access to Gmail as a stand-by. But we also use ProtonMail for a more private, secure email address. You can obtain an email address there for free, or for a more enhanced service you can pay the fee. 

Here are some other free email address services with “Pretty Good Privacy” (or PGP as this encryption is called):


Oregon Calendar of 2020 Activities

Those of you in our beautiful state of Oregon, or who can get here during 2020, have several opportunities to take action, and David plans to be at many or all of these: 

CareWorks is an effort in Oregon by the union SEIU to support caregivers, disabled and family members. They have monthly meetings throughout Oregon, for info: https://seiu503.org/careworks/

GreenLane is a Eugene network of businesses and nonprofits that support sustainability. This network has been important to the launch of Aciu! Institute. They meet monthly most first Wednesdays, for more info: https://greenlane-sbn.org/

MindFreedom Oregon is the local affiliate of MindFreedom International. We meet in Eugene, usually on the first Friday of the month at a downtown location. Some of our meetings are on web video, so you can participate wherever you live. For more info, the FB is: https://www.facebook.com/MindFreedomOregon/

Opal Network For the last decade, Opal Network has informally built a coalition of more than a dozen agencies that work on mental health, to support the empowerment of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors in Lane County. We meet on the 5th Tuesday of a month, which occurs about four times a year. For more info, please email to: opalnetwork@protonmail.com

Peerpocalypse, April 20-23, 2020. This popular annual conference of mental health consumers in Oregon is merging with the popular annual Alternatives conference. David Oaks has a workshop with Christina Peirsol, who is a keynoter. This will all take place a beautiful location on the Oregon coast at Seaside. For more information: https://www.peerpocalypse.com/

Oregon Country Fair (OCF), July 10-12, 2020. For more than 50 years, this has united folks in a beautiful area near Eugene. If all goes well, Patch Adams, MD & David Oaks will present in the Community Village on Saturday. For more info: https://www.oregoncountryfair.org/

National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA), October 28-31, 2020. NARPA has been one of the main, crucial groups for advocacy for all folks diagnosed with mental disabilities. Their 2020 popular annual conference will be in Portland, Oregon. For more info: http://www.narpa.org/

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