MAD Pride Month: July 2021

What is MAD? Marginalized And Disempowered: M.A.D.

And that is everyone! We are all trauma survivors of what is happening now on our planet. Yes, we are in a crisis. But a silver lining is that we finally have unity, 100% of us are M.A.D.! To have the strength we need, let’s celebrate!

You may read my recent blog posted on Mad In America about SAMHSA and Mad Pride here:

I also did both a pre- and post-blog on my personal site that you can read here:

Networking opportunities

Facebook is used by so many billions every month, even though many choose not to use it. A Mad Pride activist has helpfully created a Mad Pride page here:

Mad Pride Seoul in Korea is a major group working on Mad Pride. Their focus will actually be preparing for their main annual event in October. You may email them at:

Reddit is a frequently used site for discussions. There is a Mad Pride Subreddit that has recent items from an individual who calls himself Leo the Leprechaun from Ireland! Join this Subreddit, introduce yourself:

Just saw this link on Twitter, we have not read:

Coffee and Contemplation: Mad Pride Month

MAD Pride 2021 July Calendar

July 1 to 31: MAD Pride Month!

July 2: MindFreedom Oregon monthly Zoom. Theme: Mad Pride Month. Activists Ian & David will present about plans. For more info, get on MF-Oregon’s list: The Facebook event link is:

July 7: Deadline to apply for scholarships to the following online event:  Wisconsin Peer Recovery Conference (August 18 to 20) with workshop about Green Disability by David Oaks on 18 August. For more info:

July 7 to 14: Creative Maladjustment Week to celebrate MLK’s vision of an International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment.

July 8, 10, 15, 17: Alternatives Conference David Oaks speaks on July 15, to pre-register for free, go here:

July 14: Bastille Day is a traditional day for the psychiatric survivor movement to support human rights in mental health.

July 15: Birth date of the late Leonard Roy Frank, considered one of the main psychiatric survivor activist leaders of this past century. You can sign up free for this workshop presented by David Oaks here: For more info on Leonard:

July 19 & 20: Oregon Law & Mental Health Conference. David W. Oaks will get an award for human rights activism during this conference. To watch the award ceremony free, contact If you would like to pay for the entire conference, go here: